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On my Random Thoughts Idea

Some of you may have been on your toes and noticed that my random thoughts page appeared very shortly after Marlene popped up hers (which has since been removed from the web). You may have come to the conclusion that I have stolen the idea from her. Well, turns out, I had been thinking about something like this for awhile. She ran across a site that had random thoughts on it and she liked the idea, so she jumped right into action and put up her site. I think it might have happened so fast because she had a random thought she wanted to put on it right away. If you as the reader don't believe that I came up with this idea independently, then I guess that's your distrust problem. I believe me completely... :)

In this random thoughts section of my web "empire", I'll be sharing my thoughts on random things. Some of it may make no sense at all (I do have a weird way or thinking), while other items may be pure genius (Hopefully at least 0.01% of them...). These random thoughts could include anything from "This and that ain't cool" to "The sky is intermittently blue, but not always beautiful" to "There ain't no grass on the other side, but it's still greener" to "Fish get bored in the Bahamas".

If you have a comment on one of my random thoughts, feel free to Email me. Perhaps you want to discuss an idea I put forth. Maybe you agree and wish to let me know. Maybe you disagree and you have 37 reasons why. Drop me an Email and we can figure out why your 37 reasons are so random... I like to talk about things, sometimes even the absurd or abstract. I'll even argue with you if you want, but keep in mind that my genetic personality is to want to always technically be right. Email me with what you have to say. If I start an argument and you don't want to continue it, just say so and we can leave it at that.

If you have something to say about one of my Random Thoughts, send an Email. If you have something to say about something not in my Random Thoughts, send me an Email. If you have something to say about something _completely_ different, Email me then too. Maybe you and I will expand our minds from the experience. Maybe we'll think of something new that we haven't thought of before. Maybe we'll just have something to do. Drop me a line, for all the world's a stage and somebody may be getting ready to open the hidden trap door...

These are my Random Thoughts and thus have nothing to do with anything official at an employer.

David Sowder

Last revised on 12/05/2004 at 10:19